It can't be mid-October!

Submitted by Jessie on Wed, 10/08/2008 - 16:19

I can't believe we have lived in our house in Emporia for more than two months now! Work is going well. I am already being challenged to plan for next semester when I am still trying to stay on top of this one! I had to pick out textbooks for the two classes I will be teaching in the Spring and will soon have to learn to be an academic adviser for Freshman and Sophomores campus wide (meaning I have to know every program on campus and their requirements...that'll be exciting!).

I am 10 minutes away from teaching my last class for this week. Then fall break starts. Not a break for me though, I will spend the next two days grading papers and doing more planning for upcoming class sessions. However it is fun and overall my students are great. No "problem" child so to speak.

As Ben has written, things have been eventful at the house. It was very strange to watch the backyard get dug up and we now truly look as though our house has been invaded by a very large gopher, or perhaps we are featured in the latest installment of the tremors movie franchise.

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