Why we keep making movies like Avatar

This is a response to a blog post called "When will White People Stop Making Movies like Avatar?" by Annalee Newitz.  The post made me upset when I first read it, but I hadn't seen Avatar yet, and besides, her argument is protected by the good old rhetorical ploy, "If this makes you feel defensive, you must be a racist."  Now that I've seen the film, I disagree more strongly on a number of po

"Stories and Songs for a Green Earth" now available!

My mother's new album of stories and songs is now available on CD Baby!  You can download individual tracks for $.99 or the whole album for $9.99, or buy a disc for $12.97.  More information about the disc is available on her Web site.

Garden 2009 report

In preparation for tomorrow evening's Green Living Emporia meeting, which may or may not actually happen, here's a list of plants we grew in the garden's first year:

Kansas City Urban Farm tour

So back in June, we went on the Kansas City Urban Farm tour, and Jessie posted the photos quite a whle ago, but I just got around to posting the videos.  Here they are:

So how much does it take to prove you are a KS resident?

So as some of you know I am taking Mental Health Counseling courses this fall. I am going to be working on getting a Mental Health Counseling degree so I can become a licensed counselor in Kanas, one of the five hardest states to become licensed in.

Drinkwell Platinum pet fountain - finally, no more scooting the water dish!

Drinkwell PlatinumSimon has always scooted the water dish.  Ever since he was a kitten, he's spilled water on the floor by scooting the dish around with his paw.  I tried heavier dishes (but then you have to lift them to the sink), I tried putting obstacles in the way (but he can lift the bowl out), I tried putting heavy objects on top (but then you have to move them to get the dish out), I tried putting the dish inside a larger tray (but then it gets scummy an

Recipe for homemade hydration drink

My sister's blog featured a link to this recipe for a homemade hydration drink which sounds very palatable and effective.

Urban farm tour

On June 28, 2009 we spent the day in Kansas City at the Urban farms and gardens tour. A self-guided tour of urban farms and gardens in the area. Check out our photos http://blueboathome.com/category/image_galleries/2009/urban_farm_tour

It was great to see so many active farms in the KC area. There is a great use of urban space and it gives a good sense of what people can start doing to have more local food available.

household uses for bike chain wax

Soon after I bought my first recumbent bike, I became a devotee of chain wax instead of oil.  When I was a kid, we always used 3-in-1 oil on our chains, but it only took one application of that stuff to the long dangly chain of a Bike-E to make me realize my error -- oil got all over my leg!  I had to remove all the oil with a rag and replace it with wax.  I was so sold on wax that once when I took my bike to a small-town shop for unrelated


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