We won the pumpkin-decorating contest at the farmers' market!

Ben's Simon-inspired pumpkinJessie's Pumpkin Patch KidWell, actually everybody who entered won a prize, because there were extra prizes left over because no teenagers entered.  And when I saw the competitors, I was pretty sure we were going to win th

the newest (electronic) member of our family

MacBook photo courtesy of WikipediaI've had my new MacBook for over a week now, and I feel the need to give it a review.  There are tons of such reviews on the Web already, so this one is intended only for those who care about my personal opinion! 

The Tom Sawyer Method triumphs again

Yesterday afternoon when I couldn't sit at the computer any longer, I went out and resumed collecting leaves for the sheet mulch in the front yard.  This is not a small mulch bed...

It can't be mid-October!

I can't believe we have lived in our house in Emporia for more than two months now! Work is going well. I am already being challenged to plan for next semester when I am still trying to stay on top of this one! I had to pick out textbooks for the two classes I will be teaching in the Spring and will soon have to learn to be an academic adviser for Freshman and Sophomores campus wide (meaning I have to know every program on campus and their requirements...that'll be exciting!).

The Best Laid Plots

finished sheet mulchTowards the end of August, Jessie and I decided to make our first strike against the lawn.  I had already mowed the grass twice, and found that the back fence was nearly impossible to trim without a weed eater, and I didn't want to buy a weed eater.  The fence also didn't serve any purpose -- it had been part of a dog pen, but the front part was long since taken down, so it didn't actually enclose anything; and also it was several feet


Giant gopher, or Possibly Sandworm, Burrows Through Emporia lawn

the gopher burrow, looking eastIt's really amazing how much damage four men and a backhoe can do in a day, even if that's not their intent.

Warren's wandering

WarrenJessie's cat, Warren, was strictly an indoor cat until he joined our household.  When he lived in an apartment building with Jessie in grad school, she would let him out into the hall sometimes, and he would get spooked and "knock" on the nearest door, seemingly not caring that it was the wrong door.  When he lived with her parents in Manley, he didn't get more than a few feet from the door before getting spooked and wantin

The basement is clean!

The cleaner came yesterday and sanitized the basement from floor to windows with steam and microbicide.  Then he brought in a small army of dehumidifiers and fans -- enough to make the electric meter spin faster than I'd ever seen it -- and in a matter of hours the humidity was down to 50% again, where our own dehumidifier could take over.  Now the basement smells fresh and clean.  We have to resist the urge to put all kinds of stuff down there -- the floor will still get wet during heavy rains.  But it's a big step, and very satisfying, and our insurance paid for it!  :-)

The plumbing is finally fixed

The plumbing is fixed after just over 24 hours of water and sewer shut off, 2.5 days of plumbers working, and a big hole in our back porch...

Emporia contacts: Bill Hanlon

My green networking here in Emporia, KS took a big stride forward yesterday when I had lunch with Bill Hanlon, author of Outside the Box.


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