Aspen, Colorado

In April, 1997, I took a bus from Grinnell to Aspen, CO to attend the first annual conference of the short-lived Alliance For Community Networking (AFCN), an organization that aimed to "bridge the digital divide" with public computing centers nationwide. The conference itself was pretty forgettable, but I had a great hike up Aspen Mountain and took a few photos.

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Mexico photos

Spring break of my senior year of high school (1994) I went to visit my friend Javier and his family in Mexico City. Spring break of my junior year of college (1997) I returned to visit them again, this time in Uruapan and Michoacán. Here are my photos from the two trips.

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YRUU, 1992-94

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Young Religious Unitarian Universalists (YRUU) is the youth group of the UUA. I didn't get involved until I was a sophomore in high school, but then I attended all the "rallies" I could and took lots of photos of my friends and our antics.