A Walk to Remember

Submitted by Ben on Tue, 04/14/2009 - 09:36

On Saturday Jessie and I went out for a walk, something we don't do very often... we walk to the store, we walk to church, but walking without a destination is rare.  Actually we had a destination, but it turned out to be closed, so in effect we didn't.  Anyway, what's notable is that we saw a lot of unusual things, bordering on surreal:

  1. A potato.  In somebody's lawn, by the sidewalk.  Not a potato plant, just a potato.
  2. Two people on horseback, riding down the residential street.  Right in the middle of town.  We don't think they were mounted policemen, though that would be unusual enough for Emporia.
  3. The gym (our destination) was closed for steam cleaning, and had a big plastic hose leading into it, leaking icky brown fluid.
  4. A guy on a Segway.  I thought his handlebars looked broken, and I was trying to figure out how it would be possible to ride a Segway with broken handlebars.  We had both seen him around before, but he turned out to be a guest at a party we went to that night -- in fact, he may have been en route to the party as we saw him -- and the owner of two local businesses.  What I mistook for broken handlebars turned out to be his walking cane, which was hanging from the handlebars.
  5. A bunch of young people hanging out in a driveway with a pit bull (on a leash) and a tiny puppy.  I thought one of the girls looked far more dangerous than the pit bull -- she had blood red lipstick and heavy mascara that curved up at the edges, and she was looking at us like we were her next meal.  Jessie didn't notice, because she was looking at the puppy.
  6. A broken bowling ball.  In the sidewalk.  Split wide open.  Turns out they're terra cotta inside... who knew?

I guess we need to get out more... apparently Emporia is more interesting than we give it credit for!