We won the pumpkin-decorating contest at the farmers' market!

Submitted by Ben on Thu, 10/30/2008 - 14:46

Ben's Simon-inspired pumpkinJessie's Pumpkin Patch KidWell, actually everybody who entered won a prize, because there were extra prizes left over because no teenagers entered.  And when I saw the competitors, I was pretty sure we were going to win the Scariest and Funniest prizes, because there were no other scary or funny pumpkins in the adult category.  But even so, it was encouraging to win!

Jessie's was made up to look like a Cabbage Patch Kid, or rather a Pumpkin Patch Kid, complete with a butt and the creator's signature (Jessie's) on the cheek.  Oh, and bloody fangs.  Mine was inspired by Simon's unexplained illness, which has made his third eyelids very prominent.  Fortunately we had silver and white Sharpies in our respective quivers, or the effect wouldn't have been nearly as nice.

These photos are courtesy of the farmers' market newsletter, where you can see the other competitors as well.