The wedding

Submitted by Jessie on Wed, 07/01/2009 - 16:48

So as you all know Ben and I made it official 5 weeks ago. It has taken some time to get all the photos together and find the time to upload them but now there is a lovely selection here on our site. Only about 15% of the photos we have are on the website as I am sure none of you really want to see all 1000 or so images, however if you really do let me know and I'll hook you up. I have selected those I think are the best and displayed them here. There will be a few more added as I am picking up the last CD from Walgreens in about 2 hours but for the most part the wedding galleries are done. So here is a look back at the wedding day:

Ben and I awoke in seperate hotel rooms. He stayed with the groomsmen and I stayed with Dareth, one of the bridesmaids, for once I was awake earlier than he was! Ben, Dareth, and I took a swim in the hotel pool before heading to the out of towners lunch at Blue Planet. We had lunch with 50 or so out of town guests, mostly from Ben's side, and had a good time and great meal! Afterward Ben headed with Marisa and Matt to try to get better fitting dress shirts for them while Dareth and I headed to the hotel to get ready. Dareth and I met Pam and Michelle, the photographer and assistant, at the hotel and we had some pictures shot while getting ready. Marisa joined us after the photographer left so she could get some girly advice for getting ready that Ben, Matt, and Josh couldn't provide. The only "crisis" that occurred was that my tiara had disappeared but my parents found it at their house and brought it with them. We headed to the museum, Ben and the groomsmen, Leela and and other bridesmaids arriving before Dareth and I. We then got photos taken while family and friends decorated and set up.

Leela lead a much needed centering moment before the ceremony. The ceremony went by quickly and went quite well considering we didn't get to have the rehearsal in the space. The only hitch was Ben and I and our witnesses had difficulty figuring out where to sign the marriage license. Becca later told us she thought we were just making sure we knew what we were signing.

After the ceremony the wedding party went off to Downtown Omaha and had a few photos snapped while everyone moved their chairs across the hall and snacked. We arrived at the reception around 7:30 and said "lets eat!" After eating Ben and I took a few moments with each table and then it was on to the speeches and dances. It was a great party and we are very glad so many of our friends and family could be there!