Drinkwell Platinum pet fountain - finally, no more scooting the water dish!

Submitted by Ben on Tue, 07/14/2009 - 10:39

Drinkwell PlatinumSimon has always scooted the water dish.  Ever since he was a kitten, he's spilled water on the floor by scooting the dish around with his paw.  I tried heavier dishes (but then you have to lift them to the sink), I tried putting obstacles in the way (but he can lift the bowl out), I tried putting heavy objects on top (but then you have to move them to get the dish out), I tried putting the dish inside a larger tray (but then it gets scummy and has to be cleaned).  Wiping puddles off the kitchen floor had become part of my morning routine, and less fastidious pet sitters had allowed so much water to soak into the laminate flooring that it's puffed up at the cracks.

Finally, a few weeks ago I bit the bullet and bought a Drinkwell Platinum pet fountain.  If you read through the reviews of various pet fountains on Amazon.com, you'll find that none of them get exclusively good reviews.  This one's main problem seems to be that it's tricky to clean, so some people don't keep it clean and experience motor problems.  I bought the brush set ($$) to be sure I had no excuses (besides forgetting).

The good news is, both Simon and Warren happily drink from this thing without splashing or spilling a drop.  It's quiet enough that we can't hear it from the next room (though it can develop vibrations -- just pat it on the head to stop them).  And although I was concerned about power consumption and put it on a motion-sensing outlet (which didn't work worth a darn), it turns out to use only 2 Watts, or $2.30 per year in electricity.  There is a filter to change every few weeks, ensuring a steady stream of income to the manufacturer, but it's worth it to keep the cats hydrated and the floor dry!