Columbus, OH

Columbus, OH

Today my plan was to ride into Columbus in order to see the city and decide whether it's someplace I'd like to live.  However, I was unable to find good information about recommended bike routes or even bus routes.  So I rode into Westerville and visited the library, where I got sucked into the Internet for over an hour.  The librarians were also unable to tell me about bike or bus routes.

The one bike route into town I could find starts due north of town, so I rode several miles west of Westerville and picked it up.  It's a good enough trail, well marked, and it runs nearly 15 miles into town.  But when I got to the University, the trail was under construction, and since it was already 3:30 PM I decided to turn back rather than continue on surface roads into downtown.  So I still haven't set foot in downtown Columbus, but I think the difficulties I encountered trying to get there have answered my questions about whether I'd like to live here!

Jeff and I are going to dinner with Mary again tonight; Mary will stay over and they'll leave on their camping trip in the morning.

Total distance: 38.67 miles (round trip)

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