to Jefferson City, MO

to Jefferson City, MO

I made a full four-cup pot of coffee this morning and flew down the trail into Jefferson City, arriving early for church.  The first person to talk to me there was Don Love, who had noticed me on the road and thought I might be headed to his church!  He introduced me to a bike dealer and a highway employee among the congregation, who were able to answer my questions about shoulders on US highways I've been eyeing.

After the service, a bunch of folks invited me to lunch at a Mexican restaurant (excellent), and Don invited me to stay at his house for the night.  The road to his house has the most eclectic assortment of architectural styles I've ever seen outside of Epcot!  When I got to the Loves' home there was no mistaking it: UN flag flying, clumps of big bluestem in the yard, and four bicycles parked out front.  Don and Kathy Love turn out not only to be the parents of my Grinnell classmate Nora Love, who now lives in Austin, but also of Will Love, who lives with his girlfriend Anna at 27th and Grand in Minneapolis, just a block from where I lived the last two years!  And Will and Anna, who are just finishing up a three-week visit, also attended Grinnell while I was there.  Wild.

We had a big thanksgiving-style dinner, complete with pie.  I played a few tunes on the autoharp, but no one was really in the mood.

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