to Clifton, TX

to Clifton, TX

Today was pretty uneventful... I kept waiting for the predicted "partly cloudy" weather to materialize, but I only saw the sun for about 15 minutes total.  When I was a few miles from my evening destination of Clifton, rain started falling, and it got gradually more intense as I rode into town.

I had planned to camp at Texas Safari RV park -- that was the reason Clifton was my destination -- but I stopped at the Clifton Inn on my way into town.  The clerk had burn scars all over her face and arms -- she looked like a Halloween mask, but her eyes were fine, and they lit up when I declined her first offer, as if she hadn't haggled since leaving India.  Once I saw the room I realized her first offer had been plenty reasonable.

The rain stopped as soon as I paid for the room, naturally, but soon enough it started again and carried on dramatically for several hours.  I watched an entire movie while icing my joints -- a luxury I can't get at a campground!  When I took a shower, I started hearing strange noises and imagined a tornado approaching, but it turned out to just be weird echoes in the shower stall.

I'm hoping to get all my laundry dry so that I won't have to carry around wet clothes for the next few days, aside from the ones I'm wearing in the rain.

38.4 mi