Sandhill Farm

Sandhill Farm

This morning I got a great communal breakfast and a tour of the farm.  Sandhill has been a commune for over 30 years. At present it has 6 adult members and one child, plus three interns and a steady stream of visitors like myself.

The commune produces 80% of its own food, sells sorghum and maple syrup, honey, and tempeh both wholesale and retail, and trades minor crops with other local farms. They produce 700-800 gallons per year of sorghum alone, all of which sells, so they're doing all right!

Dancing Rabbit Ecovillage turns out to be a sort of daughter colony, though it has a totally different social and organizational structure.  The two communities work together a lot and share weekly meals, one of which will be tomorrow night.

I helped out with labeling sorghum jars, then with filling them, and finally with collecting the sorghum cane from the field. I bought a jar I personally filled for Malinda. The connoisseurs say this isn't a good batch, but it tastes great to me!

Ben Tue, 10/05/2004 - 00:00