To Cat's

To Cat's

Gypsy didn't get up until about 11:00, and she pronounced the weather unfit for a trip to Pedernales Falls, so we played a couple more games of Settlers of Catan and then I rode on to Cat's.  The trip took only a little over an hour, which surprised me.

Cat has made great use of the three years since her graduation from Grinnell.  She's been working in her field of anthropology with the same tribe of Kalahari bushmen featured in "The God's Must Be Crazy," and some of the photos she took there turned out so well she bought herself a home digital photo studio, complete with framing machine.  Then she got certified to do a handful of different kinds of massage therapy, and she went into business doing that.  To top it all off, she got an inheritance that let her go into real estate management, so she's renting both halves of a duplex and bought a house for herself.  The house was extensively redecorated by its previous owner, so she has her hands full undoing some of that damage... when they're not full of her other jobs!

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Ben Sat, 01/08/2005 - 09:37