To Point South, SC

To Point South, SC

It rained off and on last night and still couldn't make up its mind this morning, so that I was tempted to stay put for another night -- the price was hard to beat.  What got me moving was the forecast of frost for tonight; there was no shelter from the wind at the campground in Bluffton.  In that regard, at least, I thought I could do better down the road.  So off I went.

The rain stopped around 10:00, but the wind kept gusting all day, so that I revised my route to avoid a three-mile-long bridge.  This meant that I didn't pass through the historic town of Beaufort, but I can live with that loss.

Toward the end of the day I rejoined US-17 (the road I took out of Savannah yesterday) and I-95, and I pulled into the town of Point South.  The cheaper of two campgrounds had better shelter and was farther from the Interstate.  For another $25 I could have stayed in a hotel with an indoor, heated pool, which was tempting, but $25 buys a lot of breakfast at Waffle House at 4 in the morning or whenever the cold wakes me up!

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Ben Wed, 03/09/2005 - 13:25