Abundance Ecovillage

Submitted by Ben on Fri, 10/01/2004 - 00:00

Today the rain was forecast to last pretty much all day. Brian and Lonnie and I went over to the ecovillage to work for an hour or so on a greenhouse project before the rain started; then they gave me a tour of the grounds. We returned to Lonnie's house(s), where I stayed for the rest of the day while Lonnie had meetings and such.

Lonnie let me use his computer for a few hours (solar powered, but with DSL), so I updated my Web site. Then we had an incredible lunch with the last of the summer harvest. I basically lazed around all afternoon with books and things.

Anyhow... Abundance is a good name for this place that has more than enough of everything. What a treat to be around so many competent, energetic, enthusiastic people! They seem to be making progress on every front simultaneously.

In the evening we went to the health food store's restaurant for their weekly Italian buffet, which was excellent. When the restaurant closes at 8, all the food is free, but we arrived before then and still got a good deal. Then we explored the Art Walk, which is a monthly event: many of the downtown businesses open their doors all evening for art shows, poetry readings, and concerts. It was really neat!

Lonnie says that few non-meditators attend events that are perceived as meditators' events, even if they're unrelated to TM, like the Art Walk. That seems a shame.