To Blackwater River SP

Submitted by Ben on Fri, 02/04/2005 - 22:17

I had a couple of options for today... I could ride long and hard and reach the coast around noon and ride along the coast to Destin, or I could make it a short day and camp at Blackwater River State Park, in the middle of nowhere, and ride to Destin tomorrow.  It was the Interstate that made up my mind for me... the sound and smell of traffic and trucks idling on the on-ramp interfered with my sleep, and I decided I was fed up with following highways.  I'm not contributing to engine exhaust, so why should I breathe it all the time?

Blackwater River State Park sits in the middle of the state forest of the same name.  It's nearly 5 miles from the highway and blissfully quiet, aside from the historical reenactors who fired fusillade after fusillade all afternoon and evening.  I don't mind -- it's a lot better than idling trucks.