To Bruce Mines, ON

Submitted by Ben on Sat, 06/11/2005 - 12:35

After yesterday's marathon ride, I was glad to take it easy today.  I had brunch in Iron Bridge and planned to turn north at Bruce Mines and camp at Rydal Bank, but when I got to Bruce Mines around 4:00, an ominous thunderstorm was moving in.

The town had a municipal campground, but it was closed, so I asked around and was referred to an island offshore where there are cottages for rent.  Such places often allow tent camping as well, so I rode out to the island (over a bridge).  They didn't allow camping, but the price was reasonable and the rain was starting, so I got a cottage.  Naturally the storm passed within the hour, but I figured it's good to research what these places are like.

The cottages are all wood construction with single-pane glass -- not weatherproofed for winter -- but there's an old lighthouse farther out on the island that's open for rent year-round.  Both hot and cold running water come from the lake, so I had to buy a jug of ozonated water for drinking.  When the weather cleared up, I took a canoe out for a spin -- quite a challenge with just one person and some waves coming off the lake!