to Buccaneer State Park, MS

Submitted by Ben on Fri, 01/28/2005 - 00:00

Today's forecast didn't *begin* to describe what happened... there were supposed to be scattered showers, but instead it rained all day long, and the wind was fierce.  I had a strong headwind most of the way into Mississippi, but it was worst whenever I came near a lake, which happened a lot...

US-90 was often the only dry ground for miles, with bayous on one side and a lake on the other, and then vice versa.  The highway was lined with "camps" -- vacation cabins built with a carport and boat dock on the ground floor and the house up above, in case of high water.  Practically every "camp" had a sign by the road giving a fanciful or clever name for the place.  Unfortunately for me there was noplace to stop... no convenience stores and no privacy for miles and miles.  But the traffic was light most of the way, so it was pleasant riding.

I stopped for lunch at a bar and grill just across the Mississippi border.  The waitress and customers were very curious and supportive about my trip, but I told them I was from Oklahoma rather than Minnesota to be on the safe side.

Due to the rain, the dim light, and possibly a lack of road signs, I missed a few turns and took a long way around to Buccaneer State Park.  I wound up going through the town of Lakeshore and running right smack into the Gulf of Mexico!  The road to the park took me along a sea wall, with a terrific wind coming off the gulf, and waves were breaking across the road.  I had to ride through a few inches of salt water, but the rain rinsed it all off!

By this point I noticed it was getting awfully dark.  My internal clock said it was only about 3:00, but I wasn't wearing my watch and couldn't check the time on my other gadgets without getting them wet.  Turned out it was 5:30, and the sun was setting!  I pitched my tent by flashlight during a lull in the rain.

45.7 mi