Charleston, SC

Submitted by Ben on Fri, 03/11/2005 - 18:44

I slept in this morning and had a leisurely breakfast of complementary waffles with some other guests.  After a short shopping/sightseeing trip in the morning, I just hung out all afternoon.

Towards evening I decided to go find a bar with happy-hour specials on food, and I found an Irish-American pub that fit the bill.  Then I walked to the riverfront and watched the sun set.

I saw a lot more on foot than I did on my bike, and I think I got a better impression of what Charleston is all about.  I saw a scene that pretty well sums it up, but the light was wrong for taking a photo, so I'll have to describe it.  Near the waterfront there was a stately colonial-style mansion, well maintained and richly furnished.  Outside there were two cars painted the exact same shade of silver, so that I would bet they had the same owner.  One was a Rolls Royce touring sedan with British plates.  The other was a VW Golf hatchback.

Even though I have yet to pass through North Carolina and Virginia, I felt that I was in danger of leaving the South without trying a mint julep, so I went to another bar on my way back.  It was nice, but needlessly expensive.