Coffeens' House

Submitted by Ben on Sun, 08/22/2004 - 00:00

I spent the day on the 21st with the Coffeens.  I used their Internet connection in the morning and then helped Steve move sand for four or five hours, partly to the front steps and partly to Lynn's new zen garden.  Last night a bear walked through the zen garden, so we left the tracks intact and I got some photos.

In the evening I got the autoharp out and played a few songs for Steve and Lynn and then a few more when Chris and Becky got home from work.

Went into Appleton with Becky on the morning of the 22nd and bought a new Verizon phone, since AT&T service in Wisconsin has been abysmal.  Went with Chris in the afternoon to see the sod farm where he works.  Otherwise an uneventful day.