Dancing Rabbit

Submitted by Ben on Wed, 10/06/2004 - 00:00

After breakfast at Sandhill this morning, I went to Dancing Rabbit for a tour.  Somehow I had expected the place to be a little more together; what I found was an eclectic assortment of homes in various stages of construction, essentially none completed.  Their organizational structure is more co-op based than communal, so that money is always changing hands from individuals to groups and back again, for phone service, electricity, water, time, cooking, composting, whatever someone needs.

When I got back to Sandhill, I got to talking with Laird, the last remaining founder, about my impressions of the ecovillages I've visited thus far.  Then he mentioned that he was going to donate blood after lunch, so I tagged along while he ran errands in Rutledge and Memphis.  Unfortunately I was deferred as a donor because my iron was one percentage point too low.  I'll make a point of eating more iron and try again in St. Louis.