To Ewing, NJ

Submitted by Ben on Sat, 04/30/2005 - 17:28

A light rain fell all morning as I rode out of Philadelphia, but it stopped after noon as I approached Trenton.  As soon as I'd crossed the Delaware, before I'd ridden 100 feet, three drivers had welcomed me to New Jersey by shouting rude things.  The most creative was the witch's theme from "The Wizard of Oz."

I reached the home of Mom's cousin Joan and her husband Lloyd around 2:00.  Joan is a statistician for a market-research firm, and Lloyd teaches math at what he calls "the worst school in New Jersey."  (It's in Newark, not Trenton.)  They've both been under a lot of stress for the past few months because they bought a new house that's not yet ready to be moved into, and because their (Jewish) son married a Pakistani-American and honeymooned in practically all the countries the State Department recommends Americans avoid.  The wedding sounds like an adventure in itself: four separate ceremonies in two days.

28.7 mi