to Goose Creek, SC

Submitted by Ben on Sat, 03/12/2005 - 18:46

After a hearty breakfast, I rode to the Unitarian Church in Charleston, which is the second-oldest church in town and the oldest Unitarian church in the South.  Its exterior is under renovation, but I had been assured that the "perpendicular Gothic" interior would be open for tours this morning at 10.  It was not.  I waited for half an hour and called the office phone, but I couldn't wait all morning, so I left disappointed.

Back at the hostel, I loaded up my gear and went to tighten the new bolt on the seat and promptly snapped it in two.  I'm glad I bought a spare!  I started to think maybe I shouldn't be traveling today... but I'm not superstitious.  Why should bad luck come in threes?

The manager of the NotSo Hostel warned me that my route through North Charleston would take me through "the ghetto," but she couldn't suggest a better route.  It was fine, and traffic was very light, and the weather was gorgeous.

Just when I think I've seen every kind of campground, I stay someplace like the Charleston KOA (actually in Goose Creek).  It has a zoo, featuring a cougar, a raccoon, and an alligator.  Most of its other amenities are closed either for the season or for renovation, including the women's restroom, but campsites are still full price!

For those who do believe bad luck comes in threes:  I somehow managed to lose my South Carolina maps shortly after making camp!  The good news is that I remember the route I had planned to take well enough that I shouldn't need maps, at least for a few days.

17.2 mi