To Hudson, NY

Submitted by Ben on Sun, 05/15/2005 - 15:20

I was expecting a short day's ride today, so I had a very leisurely morning -- the ranger never did show up to collect payment for the campsite -- and rode at a slow pace.  The rain was substantial for a few hours, so when I got to the campground and found it would cost me $30 to set up my tent in the rain, I decided to ride on into Hudson and get a hotel instead.

Hudson is a nice little town with an old-fashioned main street, like Hudson, Wisconsin but about three times the size, and located on the actual Hudson, and a more diverse population.  I got a room in "The first motel ever converted from a movie theater and located in a small community," according to the plaque outside.  The clerk told me that the rates are about to go way up in two weeks; when I asked what the attraction was, she said, "antiques."  I hadn't known there was an antique season... I wonder if they have to put blaze-orange vests on anything that's not for sale?

32.2 mi