To Irving

Submitted by Ben on Tue, 11/16/2004 - 13:57

Chris had said he would get up early, so I asked him not to leave without waking me to say goodbye, but as it turned out I was up over an hour before he got up!  It was a slow morning until around 9:00 everything started jumping...

I got calls back from Kelly at the bike shop and the Texas Sports Medicine clinic at the same time.  I wound up cancelling my appointment with the clinic in order to meet with Kelly.  He picked me and my bike up in his jeep on his way to the store.  He gave me some tips about loading and adjusting the bike, and then he fitted me for shoes and matching clip pedals, and he marked a spot on the bike to show me the right seat position.  Then he arranged a ride back to Chris & Courtney's house.

The ride to Jimmy's house was unpleasant... on top of the heavy traffic on roads with unreliable sidewalks, I got two flat tires!  But I arrived just on time.

Jimmy is a full-time grad student in developmental neuroscience, and his wife Blythe works in the physical-therapy department at the same university, and their 15-month-old daughter Natalie goes to day care there as well.

Natalie had gotten sick this afternoon, so Blythe took care of her while Jimmy and I went to get Mexican food to go.

12.1 mi