To Kentuck Lake, Chequamegon Nicolet NF, WI

Submitted by Ben on Fri, 06/17/2005 - 17:24

I slept all right with earplugs in last night, but I felt rotten in the morning and really didn't want to get back on the highway.  I stopped in Florence, WI to use the Internet and supplement my breakfast... just after that I left the highway behind and immediately felt 100% better.  The coffee may have helped.

There's a joke that small towns in Wisconsin (and other states, I suppose) consist of just a church and a bar, and the church is optional.  Well, the town of Spread Eagle, WI, has six bars and no churches, and half the bars feature dancers.

I spent the rest of the day riding through Chequamegon Nicolet National Forest, which is beautiful and quiet. I'm guessing that the mix of hard and softwood trees is not suited to industrial logging like the other national forests I've visited.  The weather was gorgeous, and I got in a full day's ride in spite of the lousy start.

Toward evening I decided I hadn't had enough silence yet, so I headed for a campground 3 miles from the main road rather than one right beside it.  A lot of other folks had the same idea, but fortunately they aren't into making lots of noise like the people last night.