to Montague, MI

Submitted by Ben on Wed, 08/25/2004 - 00:00

Last night there was a serious downpour that plastered my tent and bike with mud, but nothing got damaged.  I woke to the sound of foghorns in the harbor but didn't see any fog until after I had finished errands in town and hit the road -- then the fog was thick enough I felt I had to turn on my taillight.

The roads I took from Ludington to Hart looked ideal on the map but turned out to have a lot of traffic and no shoulders much of the time.  I was discouraged and tired when I got to Hart, but the prospect of a rail trail -- free of charge (!) and paved with asphalt (!!) spurred me on.  The Hart-Montague Trail (technically a "Linear State Park") was a wonderfully easy ride.

I got into Montague around 7:00, and the trail brought me right to the campground, as well as an ice cream shop, a grocery store, and a huge pharmacy.  Judging by the campground, this is a big town for snowbirds.

Outside of Hart I bought a bag of peaches from an unattended roadside stand.  I bought the smallest bag offered, but it was still 12 peaches... I ate 3 immediately and 4 more during the day and gave the rest away to strangers.

Total distance: 45.86 mi

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