to Ochlockonee River SP

Submitted by Ben on Fri, 02/11/2005 - 10:35

I took my time leaving my comfy motel room this morning because I needed to make a tech-support call to the makers of my keyboard, which had stopped working, and they operate on Pacific time, despite being in India.  So I watched two episodes of Buffy and changed my rear tire, whose slow leak was getting on my nerves.

I rode a final stretch along the Gulf coast (Apalachicola Bay) before turning north.  The tide was out, and I saw millions upon millions of little sand piles on the beach.  I tried to dig one up to find out what sort of shellfish had made it, but I found nothing in the bay sand besides smelly black organic matter, so I gave up.

There were no shoulders much of the way, so I pulled off the road frequently to let cars pass, and I got a flat in the tire I had just changed!  Still, I couldn't ask for a nicer day to stop and change a tire.  US-319 was much more fun than 98, a pleasant road through the forest with light traffic and good shoulders.

I rode to Ochlockonee River State Park, which besides being fun to say is a very beautiful, secluded forest park.  I went for a walk to see the white squirrels, which are not native and not albino, but were imported as pets and released accidentally.  They're quite striking.

34.8 mi