To Rouses Point, NY

Submitted by Ben on Mon, 05/23/2005 - 09:51

I woke in the night with the realization that I'd forgotten to take an enzyme pill with my dinner of lentil soup... just what I need on a cold, rainy afternoon, I thought: fatigue and despair!  But I lucked out and didn't have a reaction.

The day was plenty cold and rainy, though.  The rain started as I was leaving Plattsburgh around noon, having run some errands there.  I met a woman who's active in an outdoorsy group and invited me to coffee, but I was anxious to get down the road, so I declined.  I kicked myself for that for several miles as I failed to find another place to eat lunch and get in out of the rain, but then I found a natural-foods store where I had the best sandwich I've had in ages, and they let me get my e-mail as well.

My map showed Golden Hill State Park just south of the Canadian border, and I had gone to the park's Web site to verify that it allowed camping, so that was my destination for the night.  Imagine my surprise when I discovered that the park isn't anywhere near there... in fact, it's hundreds of miles away, near Niagara Falls!  So I backtracked to a private campground and got a great deal.

37.9 mi