To Sault Ste. Marie, MI

Submitted by Ben on Sun, 06/12/2005 - 12:37

I was able to ride back roads more than half the way today.  Sunday morning traffic was so light it wasn't really necessary, but it was nice to sample the quiet and countryside.  I saw a lot of fields, but none appeared to be cultivated.

When I got to Sault Ste. Marie on the Canadian side, I was so excited that I didn't stop until I got to the bridge... one look at it told me that I needed to rest first!  It's long and tall, two lanes with no sidewalk or shoulder.  Pedestrians are not allowed, and bicycles, as I learned, are only grudgingly tolerated.  I stopped in at the duty-free shop and bought a T-shirt with my remaining Canadian money.

The border guard was so suspicious of me I thought he was going to search me... I hadn't thought ahead to what questions he might ask, and my off-the-cuff answers were too vague.  Traffic got all backed up behind me, while drivers in the other lane were waved by with barely a glance at their IDs!  But he did let me through.

I stopped for the night sooner than I could have because I strained my right Achilles tendon and don't want it to get worse.

42.7 mi