to Shady Acres, MI

Submitted by Ben on Mon, 08/30/2004 - 00:00

I headed southeast out of Battle Creek toward a campsite I had called yesterday and found to be $18 a night for tents, which is cheap by Michigan standards. However, I got there by 2:00 and decided to keep riding to another place that also looked good. I figured if it was too expensive, I'd just keep going all the way to where I planned to stop tomorrow night ($17) and spend two nights there instead of one.

But the second place turned out to be very nice. It's called Shady Acres, on Crispell Lake south of Jackson, MI. It's far from any highways, so it's very quiet. The owner was amused to hear I'm from Minneapolis, since she just returned from a vacation there.  The only trouble I had was finding a spot to pitch my tent that didn't reek of fuel spilled by a previous camper.

As in most private campgrounds I've visited in Michigan, most of the RVs seem to be here at least half the year; many have decks and even additional rooms built onto them. I tried swimming in the lake, but it was full of weeds.

Total distance: 45.61 mi

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