Tallgrass Prairie Preserve

Submitted by Ben on Thu, 11/04/2004 - 00:00

This morning I biked to Jo Allyn Lowe Park to see the new Pathfinder tunnel to Colonial Estates, then to Albertson's to get groceries.

Mom and I drove to Pawhuska for lunch and then listened to a guided-tour CD that led us to the Tallgrass Prairie Preserve. We spent so much time (and money!) at the gift shop that we didn't get to do any hiking! Mom says the prairie is more interesting to look at in the summer -- another reason to visit here in warmer weather!

We were overdue for a visit with the Wellses, who have a passive solar home and an RV park outside Pawhuska. Don Wells explained to me that there's a crawlspace between the house and the concrete slab, which serves instead of ducts for the heat pump, allowing the entire floor to be warmed or cooled by the forced air. But they rarely have to use the heat pump because the passive solar works so well; in fact they usually have windows open in the winter, and Don says he regrets putting in so many windows!

They also showed us their new fifth-wheel RV and an old mobile home they're selling. Mom was interested in seeing the mobile home as a possible option for moving Grandpa cross-country. The new RV is so sturdiliy built it must weigh two tons... lots of solid wood and glass.

For our last evening before I leave, we had teriyaki pork chops and homemade ice cream, and we played Challenge Rummy.