To Albany

Submitted by Ben on Mon, 05/16/2005 - 15:23

I had a very leisurely day... stayed in the hotel and watched two episodes of Buffy before hitting the road, and then the trip to Albany didn't take nearly as long as I expected.  Near Castleton-on-Hudson I met another bicyclist who lived nearby and was on her way into Castleton for her morning coffee.  The cafe turned out to be the only business in Castleton that I could see.  I told her that if she wants to help cyclists she could open a campground or hostel near her home.

I got to Eleanor's apartment around 2:00, but she was out of town, so I got lunch and sat and read until she got home at 6.  We spent two hours cleaning her apartment and then walked to dinner and a set of short films in the Empire Film Festival.

30.9 mi