to Gypsy's

Submitted by Ben on Sat, 11/27/2004 - 11:49

This morning we exchanged the laptop hard disk for some memory, and I was able to get Rich's laptop fully functional in Knoppix -- but it still couldn't see it's hard disk.  Next step is to see if this is a documented problem.

Gypsy picked me up in the afternoon, and we drove to her house in a southwest neighborhood called Oak Hill.  Then we picked up some dinner and had a picnic -- it was a beautiful day -- at a little waterfall near where she used to work.  Then we caught the last matinee of "The Incredibles" and got some Lammes candies.

Her new place is much nicer than the last one I visited, but she tells me it's not as nice as the one she had to leave because her roommate there went "crazy."  Her new roomies are both Hispanic men, both into computer gaming and anime and science fiction.  They have an amazing video collection but no food.