to New Orleans

Submitted by Ben on Tue, 01/25/2005 - 16:12

I was in no hurry to join the rush-hour traffic on US-61, so I watched two Buffy reruns over breakfast.  I followed 61 through some scenic bayous -- with generous shoulders all the way -- until I reached the suburb of Jefferson.  There I joined the River Road for a while and finally got up on the levee, where a paved bike path took me most of the way into town.

Once in town, I had some trouble finding good roads to ride to the Jackson Avenue ferry terminal, but I got there without incident.  The ferry ride was brief but exciting: in the strongest part of the current, the boat had to point at 45 degrees just to move in a straight line.

I had hoped that Bayou Segnette State Park would make a good base of operations so that I could leave my stuff there tomorrow and ride into town without it, but the roads on the west bank are not bike friendly, so I'll find another campground tomorrow.  The park itself is quite nice, but it's not worth the trouble of getting there from town.

39.6 mi