to Texas

Submitted by Ben on Sat, 11/13/2004 - 21:48

I started out today very discouraged.  My knees hurt more than ever, and the first few miles getting out of the park were all hills.  I got off and walked, but even walking hurt.  I didn't see how I could make it to Texas -- I'd have to change all my plans, etc. etc.  I thought about calling Mom & Dad, but I decided they had enough to worry about with 'Becca's baby shower, so I put off calling until evening.

But by noon the pain had stopped!  Or at least reduced to a tolerable level.  I rode on without incident all the way to Lake Texoma, and across to the Texas side.  I noticed that mosquitos and grasshoppers are still alive at Texoma, though they were killed by frost at Lake of the Arbuckles.

55.4 mi