To Fishkill, NY

Submitted by Ben on Fri, 05/13/2005 - 15:13

I had a lot of fun this morning riding down all the hills I had struggled up yesterday, but alas I had a slow leak in my tire and had to stop to pump it every few miles, all day long.

The highlight of the day was when I crossed the Appalachian Trail (and the Hudson River) at Bear Mountain.  I wish I could think that this was also the high point of the trip, but that will be more than 500 feet higher...

I didn't have to wait long to meet my first hillbillies: the guy who checked me into my campsite had only three teeth.  One of the other campers insisted that I was lying about how far I had bicycled and then insisted that I confirm that I was "wacked like me."

I left my trailer at the campsite and rode into Fishkill to get my tire looked at.  The bike shop was a real mom & pop place... not much selection, but they did have a 20" thorn-resistant tube!  (i.e. thicker rubber.)  They didn't have any more luck than I'd had locating the source of the punctures (which was on the rim, not the tire), but they installed a new rim band, and with the thicker tube I should be in good shape.

27.1 mi