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My first car was a 1976 Sebring-Vanguard Citicar we named Sparky. It was originally orange, but on the second day I had my driver's license, I hit a parked car and shattered the plastic of the front passenger side corner. Dad found me the necessary materials to repair the body myself, and then we had it painted candy apple red and made a new front bumper out of varnished pine! After I left for college, we sold the car to a collector.

Shin'en Kan

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Shin'en Kan was a home built in Bartlesville, Oklahoma for Joe Price by eccentric architect Bruce Goff. It burned to the ground in 1996 in a presumed arson, though no one was ever prosecuted.

See my album of photos from spring, 1994.

We're moving to Nebraska!

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Big news since I last wrote: after ten good years in Emporia, we sold our house and are moving to Omaha, to be closer to Jessie's family. Jessie has a new job, and I'll continue to do the same work from home. But probably the most interesting part of the story is that our house sold in just two hours! I want to emphasize that we are very grateful to the buyer and hold her in the highest respect, and if she's reading this, we hope she understands that we were just surprised by her enthusiasm for the property.

Why we haven't blogged in a while

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There are a variety of reasons why we've fallen mostly silent on this blog...

  • The software got harder for us to use, and I didn't stay on top of updating it.
  • Most of our friends are on Facebook, so we got in the habit of just posting stuff there.
  • We got even busier -- Jessie with grad school, me with medical issues.

Fortunately there's light at the end of all three tunnels, so we hope to re-emerge soon!