We have curtains up!

Submitted by Ben on Mon, 11/10/2008 - 08:49

When the previous owners of our house moved out, they took more stuff with them than we expected.  Our contract specified that window treatments were included in the sale, but they took all the curtains and curtain rods with them, leaving only tacky roller blinds.  They also took the face plates from many of the outlets and lightswitches, for reasons we cannot fathom.  We asked our Realtor about the curtains, and he passed the message to theirs, who passed it to them, and the word came back that they had put the curtains into storage along with the rest of their stuff while they looked for a new house, and when the curtains got out of storage they would make their way to us.  So we waited, but all we ever got was the rods.

Fortunately, Jessie's mom works at Target and gets a lot of stuff on clearance, and she gave us a bunch that might work.  Even so, we held out several months for the ones we'd seen with the house; also we were busy with other projects.  Finally, last night we put curtains up in most of the windows.  What a difference!  It looks like real people live here, and intend to stay!