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My grandparents retired to Arizona around 1990, and we went to visit multiple times in the 2000s and 2010s. Here are my photos from Tucson as well as Biosphere 2, Meteor Crater, and the Sonora Desert Museum.


Aspen, Colorado

In April, 1997, I took a bus from Grinnell to Aspen, CO to attend the first annual conference of the short-lived Alliance For Community Networking (AFCN), an organization that aimed to "bridge the digital divide" with public computing centers nationwide. The conference itself was pretty forgettable, but I had a great hike up Aspen Mountain and took a few photos.

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Mexico photos

Spring break of my senior year of high school (1994) I went to visit my friend Javier and his family in Mexico City. Spring break of my junior year of college (1997) I returned to visit them again, this time in Uruapan and Michoacán. Here are my photos from the two trips.

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Home via Paris

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Sunday, Oct 2

We had breakfast at a patisserie since the corner café was closed on Sunday. We took the more direct train into Paris and stored our luggage in a locker in Gare de l'Est station. We then went to the Musee des Arts et Métiers, where we enjoyed free admission and lots of models, but we found most of the interactive exhibits out of order.