By Ben |

A cinema cafe called the Alamo Drafthouse hosted a sing-a-long of the "Once More with Feeling" episode of Buffy the Vampire Slayer.  The last of the four screenings was at 9:45 tonight, and I planned to go with Gypsy.  We were both really looking forward to it, but no one told me how popular the venue is, and no one knew how popular the show would be, so I neglected to buy tickets in advance.  We got there -- after paying $5 for parking -- and found it sold out.

So we went to the Pedazo Chunk World Headquarters instead for a screening of Brazil.  I had read about this little quirky video store on the "Ain't It Cool News" Web site, so I thought I knew what to expect; I expected a lot of F/SF and anime videos, a comfy screening room modeled after Cinema Rex at CONvergence, and a fannish following.

Gypsy and I turned out to be the only ones there to see Brazil.  The movie room was about what I expected, though emptier.  The video store itself had lots of foreign films, a substantial XXX room with a band practicing in it, and the clientele were much more eclectic than I expected, to the point that I didn't really feel at home.  But we enjoyed the movie and went on our way.

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