By Ben |

This morning as I was loading the Mac bag, I found a stash of acorns that someone -- squirrel? chipmunk? totoro? -- had carefully placed in the toilet-paper bag.  Whoever it was hadn't touched my food, probably hoping it would be there later, along with the toilet paper for a cozy nest.  I felt bad for spoiling such earnest preparations for the winter, but I couldn't very well return the acorns, so I left them under a tree.

I followed the Great River Road all day, which was nice for the most part.  Hannibal has little going for it besides the Mark Twain connection, so they're really milking that for all it's worth.

I had planned to continue on past Hannibal to a campground in Louisiana, MO, but on further inspection I saw that they don't allow tents, so I just stayed put outside Hannibal at Mark Twain Cave and Campground.  Overpriced, but pretty nice.

It rained on and off all day, so that some of the clothes I've come to count on -- my pillow/shirt, for instance -- got wet.  The tent is also very moist.  I don't know that any of it will dry before I get to St. Louis.

total distance: 28.66 mi

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