By Ben |

This morning I did Internet stuff in the morning, then Ken picked me up and we went out for lunch.  Then I hopped on my bike and rode into town.

The Monon Rail Trail is a very nice way to get into and out of downtown!  It's also one of the most popular rail trails I've ever seen.  I think the only public trail I've ever seen with so many people out walking, skating, and biking just because it's a nice day would be Lake Calhoun.

The Indianapolis central library is closed for renovation and new construction until 2006.  I figured I knew what to expect from an "interim" library location, but I was blown away... the interim site used to be the Historical Society.  It's all marble: cream with green marble columns and a huge four-story atrium.  It works very well as a library; any major library would be lucky to have it as a permanent site!

I got all the maps I need to cross Illinois into Iowa.  I think the ride through Iowa and Missouri will be very nice, but I'm afraid I'll just be trying to get through Illinois as fast as I can!  The part of the state I had thought of traveling turned out to be too hilly, so I'm going through a part that has almost no campgrounds or other attractions to be seen.  So off I go...

Total distance: 21.53 mi

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