By Ben |

Bill took me to the library this morning when he went to yoga class, but the library turned out not to have any maps of Indiana.  However, the downtown library is on my way west, so I should be able to stop there tomorrow morning without trouble.

I called the listed contact person for the nascent Cincinnati Ecovillage project, and she told me about its current status.  A women's spiritual community / CSA farm called Grailville, about 2 miles from where I passed through Loveland yesterday, is hoping to sell some of its land to ecovillagers rather than developers, so it looks like the deal will go through soon.  However, many of the Cincinnati planning group had hoped for something more urban in focus, so they're going to stay in the College Hill area and try to make the existing urban, diverse population more green.

Bill and I went to an Indian buffet restaurant for lunch and stuffed ourselves.  Then he showed me his church before we picked up Patrick at school.

In the evening we attended a picnic event at the school to dedicate a new playground and outdoor classroom.  Then we returned home for a family tradition: watching Survivor.

Bill has tried to find me a friend or relative to stay with tomorrow night; I'm content to stay with a stranger once I'm out of the city, which shouldn't be difficult to accomplish.