To near Fredericksburg

Submitted by Ben on Wed, 03/30/2005 - 11:14

I woke to the sound of birdsong this morning... that in itself isn't unusual, since my body has gotten used to that sign of approaching dawn... but this time I was wearing earplugs to block the sound of Interstate traffic, and I still heard the birds!

I rode US-1 all day long.  Its shoulders were rare and narrow, but at least it had multiple lanes, and traffic was light.  I was pleased to see that tonight's stop was a few miles away from the Interstate, and when I got there -- down in a valley -- the silence was just amazing.  The campground offers free Internet -- they even supply a computer, like a hostel -- and I got a great site next to a babbling brook, but still I almost choked on the price.  If I average it with yesterday's bargain, I can handle it.  I guess I have to expect that this close to a major metro area.