To Steinhatchee, FL

Submitted by Ben on Wed, 02/16/2005 - 18:46

Around 3:00 in the morning, the wind shifted and put Perry downwind from ... a paper mill!  It was several hours before I got used to the smell and could go back to sleep.  The day that followed was so humid that I could see my breath although temperatures were in the 60s F.  So the good news is that my laundry didn't dry smelling like paper mill!

I had a choice today between riding US-19 or a longer route nearer the coast.  I chose the highway because it had good shoulders.

Steinhatchee is a little marina town on the river of the same name. There's no question about why there are so many motels and RV parks in Steinhatchee: the riverfront is practically one continuous marina, on both banks.

I got a good deal on a tent site and settled down to do some work, but my keyboard stopped working again... Must be the humidity.  So I spent the afternoon resting and reading instead.  When I took off my shoes, I had trouble finding my right ankle bone through the fire-ant swelling, but I elevated the foot for a few hours and it went down.

I met my first sand fleas at that campsite -- I'll take them over fire ants, mosquitoes, and chiggers any day, because although their bites feel like pinpricks, they only hurt for a moment.  And thank goodness my tent keeps all such varmints out!

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