By Ben |

Hi, folks. Everything's pretty much on schedule for my departure tomorrow morning. The apartment is certainly cleaner (and emptier) than it's been in two years, and it will be emptier still by the time I go to bed tonight...

Last night I had my mentee from church (a 15-year-old) over for dinner. We made some appalling bachelor chow which he swore was pretty good out of what was left in the cupboards. Then we changed the rear tire on my bike and adjusted the brake pads: I can now skid on dry pavement for the first time since I bought the bike two and a half years ago. Not that that's a good idea, but it is the legal criterion for bike brakes in Minnesota. We took the bike out in the parking lot and christened it with water I brought back from the Grand Canyon last summer; champagne would be too sticky! (And water from the Colorado River would be too dirty; this is spring water!)

I also sold my computer yesterday, so after having as many as 53 computers at one time (1999), I now have none. Two if you count PalmPilots, but then you might as well count my cell phone. :-) It was sad to say goodbye to a computer I just bought in December, but my needs have changed, and it will get good use in its new home.

Anyway: Tomorrow, Wisconsin! Rain or shine! The route I've planned is only about 35 miles, so it should be downright relaxing, knock on wood.

'Til then! --Ben