By Ben |

The trip out of the Twin Cities was uneventful but sentimental, since I passed a lot of landmarks I remembered from five years ago when Victoria took me along on her Urban Geography assignment.

Today was very cool -- 50s F -- and cloudy, but thankfully the rain held off all day. I'm expecting rain tonight. I was comfortable in a T-shirt as long as I was moving but got very chilly whenever I stopped.

The route through Minnesota was almost entirely bike path, and through Wisconsin it was all marked "BIKE ROUTE." I didn't think much of this bike route when it first started, because it led me up a hill steeper than any I'd hoped to climb... with no shoulder! But after that it was fine.

Willow River State Park is very nice, clean and quiet. I had sweet corn from a farm stand with my dinner, and it was so sweet it tasted like dessert.

Total distance: 38.65 mi. See map