By Ben |

The ride into Westerville from Delaware State Park was uneventful, except that Jeff Kirn's place turned out not to be in Westerville.  When I got close to town I thought to call him for directions and found that he's on the east side of Hoover Reservoir, while Westerville is on the west side.

I got to his house at about 3:30, found the key where he told me to look for it, and let myself in.  This is the same house he lived in when Great-Uncle Dave took me to visit him in 1996, but of course I had no idea where it was at the time.  It's a large house -- only three bedrooms, but lots of rooms for entertaining guests.

Jeff brought me along to dinner with his girlfriend Mary and one of the friends they'll be joining on a Hawaiian cruise in 3 weeks; they wanted to coordinate which side trips they'll go on together.

Total distance: 34.23 miles


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