To Bastrop State Park, TX

Submitted by Ben on Sun, 01/09/2005 - 09:39

I left Cat's at about 9:30, so as to miss rush hour, forgetting that this was a Saturday.  I followed TX 71 most of the way to Bastrop, a town which, despite a name that suggests something you might use to flog an incorrigible child, was "voted most historic town in Texas."  I didn't stop to find out why but buzzed on through to the nearby state park.

I was glad to have more than an hour before sunset, because it was my first time pitching my new tent.  I know, that was stupid, but it all turned out well.  The rain fly was missing a few bits (since the folks at the store were unable to locate the bag it came in), but I was able to improvise them using the spare parts I picked up in St. Louis.

28 mi